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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are solely mine. Just in case, you know, there are any readers out there who are catching the national disease of not being able to distinguish facts from opinions. 

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There is trouble in Who-Ville.
The grinch is back in town.
You'll see. 

Julie Harthill Clayton Turner isn't with GayRVA anymore.
She's now InkQueery.
Much as she loves to laugh, and thinks the world's WAY too P.C.,
Lombardo's equally-offensive-to-all script,
Isn't that funny.

I'll leave the rhyming to the poets. Before I sound too much like Scrooge, let me say that I'm all for some good adult humor. I don't mind crass, tasteless, insensitive, overly sexual, irreverent humor.  But Playwright Matthew Lombardo admittedly touched a nerve with me using the word "cunt."  I had a hard time setting that aside and not seeing the rest as overly gratuitous and just not that funny.

Call me a queer liberal snowflake.

Words matter. And that particular word has been directed at me one too many times. It's more than just a word. I'm not ready to reclaim it.

My problem was solely with the script.

But even Lombardo prevailed in the legal battle with Dr. Seuss's estate who alleged copyright infringement.

And rightly so. I may not like his words. But I LOVE our freedoms.

I urge you to go see Who's Holiday at Richmond Triangle Players and form your own opinion.

Kimberly Jones Clark's performance as the grownup Cindy Lou Who struggling with alcohol addiction, and longing to reconnect with her idyllic childhood was comic genius, and is worth the price of admission alone.

Clark's one-woman show was a master class in timing and physicality.

Stick around afterwards for a special cabaret of off-beat Christmas carols performed by Joshua Wortham (piano and vocals) and Georgia Rogers Farmer and/or Shannon Gibson Brown (vocals) that's great fun. I saw Georgia, and she never disappoints.

Directed by Dexter Ramey, Who's Holiday: The Story Dr. Seuss Didn't Want You to See runs through December 15, 2018 at Richmond Triangle Players.
For tickets visit:

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